Dana Wood

First, a little something about this headshot…

It’s old, like Kurt Cobain heyday old. But I still love it, and use it for social media, for a million reasons. It was taken by a really scrappy, adorable kid who worked with me at W and later went on to become a famous photographer. I needed a pic for our Editors’ page, and we had so much fun that day. She had me jumping up and down on the roof of her NYC apartment building, at one point literally leaping through the air. Here I’m just standing, looking pseudo-pensive.

I also heart this shot because it reminds of me a very specific era: A time - pre-dating all the "print is dead" chatter - of minimalism, heroin chic and an intimidatingly brilliant boy Editor In Chief who let me run amok with my pages. I would hand in a list of story ideas for a given issue, and it would arrive back on my desk within minutes with a single word - "Fine" - scrawled across the top.

That’s rare. I know that now.

Still, by pushing myself out of my comfy, cozy, artsy nest – and dropping myself into much more buttoned-down, corporate setups – I’ve gained the skills and confidence to create beauty + wellness content across multiple platforms and for various end uses. I now toggle easily between print and digital, between magazine journalism and brand copywriting.

I’m a three-time Beauty Director for national publications (W, Cookie and BRIDES), a former AVP Strategic Development for the Luxe brands of L’Oréal, a book author and a blogger. In between staff positions, I’ve written for such pubs as The Wall Street Journal, InStyle, Town & CountryGlamour and Harper's Bazaar. I'm also very into exploring the business side of beauty, and have contributed extensively to Beauty Inc., WWD and The Robin Report, for which I serve as columnist. 

For more detailed specifics about my work history, view my CV here.

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