I Find People to (Work) Admire Everywhere. Yay! / by Dana Wood

On the digital front, it is 100% my goal to be a Kindness Superhero.  

Leaping tall buildings in a single bound. 

Leaping tall buildings in a single bound. 

I am just completely, utterly not down with slamming anything or anyone online. 

Okay, maybe if I'm reviewing a product on Momover and I happen to 99 percent love it, and 1 percent not love it, I will share my opinion about that 1 percent. 

With my business journalism - the pieces in the Industry section of the +Works portion of this site - I strive to be balanced.

I'm not as warm and fuzzy in my beauty biz analyses as when I'm writing about some defrizzer that's changing my life, but I think I'm fair.

Fair is the benchmark.

So given all that, it pained me, more than a little, to think that I might have hurt The Other Dana's feelings in my last blog post.

The Other Dana is Dana Cassell, founder of the Writers-Editors Network and overlord of FFWA, the Florida Freelance Writers Association, which I joined just last month. 

In that earlier post, I pointed out that The Other Dana isn't afraid to use snail mail, or suggest that members include their fax number in their FFWA directory listings and save important stuff to a floppy disk. 

I referred to her super-professional op as "crazy-Luddite," and that was a bridge too far.

Who am I -  Miss Allergic to Twitter and Instagram - to call anyone out for not being tech-obsessed? 

Happily, when I sheepishly sent her the link, The Other Dana was a good sport about my borderline-rude comments. In fact, since then, we've had a fun little email back and forth. 

As it turns out, she's a descendant of the Flanders-based Rubens family, and I'm besotted with Dutch genre painting from the 16th and 17th centuries. I'll take Pieter Bruegel's "Hunters In the Snow" over Kylie Jenner's Instagram account any day....

But beyond all that, The Other Dana is just so friendly, and smart, and organized, and willing to help fellow writers. I highly recommend her e-book "100 Keys to Freelance Success," which I bought before I even signed up for the FFWA. 

I very much admire The Other Dana. And I hope to stay in touch.