Resting On Laurels is Not Allowed. Like, Ever / by Dana Wood

Sometimes I'm a legend in my own mind.

Palms, not laurels. And I'm not resting on them. 

Palms, not laurels. And I'm not resting on them. 

Here's why:

I've had a really long career, worked at lots of magazines at one monster of a media company, and enjoyed countless different circles of colleagues.

And when I left the monster media company, temporarily, for a bluesky job at one monster of a beauty company, I made still more contacts. I even formed a massive friendship with someone I continue to collaborate with to this day. 

Because of all this, it's sometimes easy to think: "Everyone knows me, and they know my work."

Puhleeze. That's not even remotely true. And even if it were, who cares?

What you did yesterday doesn't count. Well, it does, but only in the sense that it might pry open a door or two.  

But you never not have to prove yourself. You never get to coast. You should never allow yourself to think, even for a split second, that, "If So + So needs my help with a project, she'll reach out."

Granted, I seek career counsel in the most unlikely of places. But recently, in reading my 2014 Planetary Planner by the Astro Twins (l-o-v-e the Astro Twins!), I came across something about two fellow Scorpios who rested on their laurels and (semi) dearly paid the price. 

Their names: Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

Their crime: After positively sizzling in their first cinematic outing - 2012's Crazy, Sexy Love - Gosling and Stone kinda phoned in it for their next movie a deux. 

To quote the Astro Twins: "When {Gosling and Stone] reunited for Gangster Squad in 2013 (while Saturn was in Scorpio), the movie was panned as having lackluster writing and shoddy character development. The lesson? Don't ride on the fumes of your former reputation."

Ouch, right? But I was so struck by that when I read it.

That's my new motto(s): No resting on laurels. No riding the fumes of my former reputation.