Pretentious: I'm Obsessed With "Working Process" / by Dana Wood

There was a piece in today's New York Times that I found fascinating: It was all about the work habits of Paris-based fashion god Rick Owens. Actually, it was more than that; a combo pack story + video, it explored Owens's concrete slab of a "bunker of our dreams" in the city's luxe 7th Arrondissement, and the fact that, as he gets older, he prefers his design zone to be one of complete calm. 

He doesn't like to think about 12 things at once, Owens says in the video, so he hones in on one. And having such a stark work space - "ascetic" he calls it - aids him, greatly, in his mono-tasking.

Owens is so focused, he doesn't even mind the pace of the current fashion system, in which designers are expected to crank out endless collections: pre-fall, pre-spring, resort / cruise, collabs with H+M, collabs with Target, on and on and on.

In contrast, Jean Paul Gaultier just announced that he's had it with cranking out so much merch, so he's bailing on RTW and will now concentrate solely on his couture and beauty lines.

But back to Rick. I so worship him. I totally wish he didn't use fur and leather in his work, but the bones of the clothes - his special brand of rugged, tactile, caveman minimalism - really speaks to me.

Some day, when I grow up, I will wear Rick Owens. 

In the meantime, I think I can steal a little of his blinders-on working process. Essentially, he tunes out the world while he's creating, and continually mines his previous collections for inspiration. In studying his own successes and failures (his words), he charts a new course for himself. 

Smart, oui? How much time would we save - and how much happier would we be - if we just zipped-off to our work bunkers every day and didn't concern ourselves at all, not in the slightest, with what the rest of the world is up to?

Sure, tuning out is easier said than done if you don't work in an office, surrounded by a fleet of colleagues and a boss or two.

But guess what? Although I share a home office with my husband, it's mostly just the Dana Show with me right now. And I think I'll let Mr. Owens write a few of my episodes. 


Rick Owens, Mr. Paris via Los Angeles. J'adore.

Rick Owens, Mr. Paris via Los Angeles. J'adore.