Low-Key Gigging Is a Privilege I Don't Take For Granted / by Dana Wood

Let me just say right up front that I work my ever-loving ass off. Always have, since I was knee-high to a Coke bottle. Morning paper routes circa age 10 gave way to babysitting, and, not much later, all manner of back-breaking restaurant jobs. I put myself through college that way. 

 Everything will be just fine. Pinkie-swear. 

 Everything will be just fine. Pinkie-swear. 

Sure, what I've been doing for the last 25+ years is infinitely more interesting. And, I dare say, at times truly glamorous. But easy? Not even remotely. Magazine publishing - at least at high-caliber glossies, the only kind I've ever worked for - is grueling

Oh, I took a print time-out for several years, to work in Strategic Development for the Luxe Group of L'Oréal, Hardly a cakewalk, I can assure you.  

So it is with great gratitude to my husband that I now carve a different path for myself. To have someone in your court who vehemently demands that you not stress-out about the future - and what it may or may not bring, work-wise - is a massive blessing. 

Prior to leaving New York, for essentially the entire winter and spring, I moonlighted alongside my day job. And I mean literal moonlight. As in rising at 3 am to hit the computer moonlight. I knew the first few months in Florida would be lean, and I planned accordingly. 

And now, after a few months off, I'm getting back into small writing projects again. I'm also making sure I fill our family quota of volunteer hours for my daughter's school - Book Fair, Fall Festival, etc. - thereby saving us close to a $1000 in opt-out fees. 

Another immediate priority: Improving my driving. There is no way I'll be able to achieve anything in FLA if I don't drive. 

But here's what I'm not doing right now: Freaking-out about my career.

If I decide later that I need to do that, I've had plenty of practice.