Be Your Own Cheer Squad! (Pom Poms Optional!) / by Dana Wood

Raise your paw if you're always - like 24/7 always - in a primo frame of mind for tackling your work obligations. 

I thought so.

No one is a happy career-camper all the time. That would be robot territory. Google self-driving car material, even. 

And that's why the headline of this blog post is so...

Fake! Ecstatic!

When you're working for The Man and your attitude plummets, you just have to suck it up and smile. At least you should suck it up and smile; only true superstars can afford to whinge like a mo-fo when they're not "feeling it."

Still, even the superstarriest of superstars won't get away with being growly on a regular basis. That brings everyone on staff low. And low is NOT where most companies like to hang out.

So if you're reading this, and you're a whiner of the highest order who happens to be on staff somewhere, STOP. 

But what if you're an Independent Contractor. comme moi, and you run into a case of the business blahs? What if your mojo isn't mojo-ing, and you desperately need your mojo to mojo?

What if, like my beloved Rafael Nadal, you're a true champion who just happens to be having a very, very bad year?

I recommend diving into your memory banks and dialing-back to all your previous career successes.

When were you red hot? When were you having a moment? When did everything just seem to effortlessly go your way?

Hopefully we all have plenty of that job-happiness stuff in the tank to reflect back on. (Note to younger readers: College-happiness stuff counts, too.) 

Because when you do trot-out your stellar track record, and revisit your highest highs, you'll get psyched again. You'll believe in yourself. 

And when you believe yourself, bingo. Game on. 





A typically gorge Florida day. Swoon.

A typically gorge Florida day. Swoon.