Teaching An Old Blog New Tricks / by Dana Wood

Once upon a time, I had a good idea.

Well, I was forced into it, this having-a-good-idea jazz, by my then Editor In Chief Pilar Guzman.

As the overlord of (the dearly departed, fantastic, ahead of its time) Cookie magazine, Pilar politely informed everyone on staff to get ready to board the bullet train that was the World Wide Interweb.

This was in 2006, and the Internet wasn't nearly what it is now. But it was on its way, barreling down the tracks to plow over all us print types.

Pilar's mandate: Figure out how you can contribute to Cookiemag.com in a meaningful, consistent, brand-supportive way and make it happen with our Digital Director.

There was a rather eccentric gent at the helm of our website in those days, and one morning, not long after returning to work post maternity leave, I literally gave him my elevator pitch.

"Why don't I write about my nightmare attempts at getting back in shape after pushing out a first baby at age 43? We can call it Momover. Get it?"

Long story a little bit shorter:

1. We launched Momover as a "monthly online column" because I didn't want to commit to the rigors of a full-on blog. 

2. I left Cookie to return to W magazine but continued to write Momover for Cookiemag.com.

3. While at W, I miraculously secured a small Momover book deal.

4. I watched in horror as Cookie folded, just months before my book would be published.

5. I scrambled to create my own freestanding Momover website.

6. Over the next few years, right up until now, I've kept up the hosting on Momover, not letting it go dark even during a long stretches when I couldn't blog consistently. (E.g., when I returned to Conde Nast to take the Beauty Director gig at Brides, I was asked to stop contributing to Momover. "It's adorable," said Anne Fulenwider, then the mag's EIC. "But I want all that beauty and wellness content for us.")


So now I'm at a crossroads. Do I try to revive Momover? Do I move on? 

This blog post is getting War & Peace-y in length, so I'll leave you with this small clue as to what my plans are:

At this very moment, there's a digital firm in London jack-hammering away on a little re-design.



This old gal is getting a fresh coat of paint.

This old gal is getting a fresh coat of paint.