Time to Make the Donuts. (More. Frigging. Donuts?) / by Dana Wood

I haven't blogged here in a year. Which isn't to say I haven't been blogging, because I have. I HAVE! Over on my other site, the objectively adorable floridabeautyproblems.com. Oh, and also for The Robin Report, for which I post an extremely feisty analysis of the beauty industry.

And l've been writing, quite a bit, for print publications. Primarily for the Off Duty section of The Wall Street Journal, and Alexa, the cheeky-beautiful luxury style section pubbed by The New York Post. The WSJ and The NYP are both Dow Jones entities, but they obvi could not be more different. Yin and yang, and I love 'em both. 

Plus there's the more covert side of my work life - copywriting for corporate clients and editorial consulting. I always wonder how on the DL I should be about all that, and I frequently come to one conclusion: very. I don't think the people who hire me for that type of project want me to shout it from the hilltops, so I abide by an unstated cone of silence.

Off-topic: Is it "code" or "cone" of silence? I ponder that daily...

And I almost forgot that I gave another big "Coffee with a Curator" talk at The Dali, last fall, in conjunction with the museum's mesmerizing Elsa Schiaparelli show. Prepping that in and around Hurricane Irma was a challenge, I assure you. 

My point in telling you all this, I guess, is to illustrate that 2017 was a really good year for me, professionally - even if I didn't blog about it here. 

But it's also to remind myself that none of that matters. What I did last year was just what I did last year. It's a brand new one (well, newish; it's already February), and, as every Independent Contractor knows, the hustle must begin anew.

I'm really trying to get myself psyched about the "hustle anew" piece of the puzzle that is my career. The actual writing piece of it I'm always, always psyched about. Even if I have deadlines stacked on top each other and I'm whinging like a mofo, I love writing so, so, sooooooo much and I feel blessed and honored that I've made a very nice living off of it. 

And it is with that spirit of gratitude that I will now sign off and start hustling. It's time to make the 2018 donuts. Maybe mine will even be vegan this year.