Dana Wood is my favorite beauty writer, bar none. (Sorry, everyone I’ve worked with at Glamour, Marie Claire and Allure!) She knows everyone in the biz - has Guido, Sonia and Bobbi on speed dial! - and delivers genius copy that resonates with the mascara newbie, the full-on beauty junkie, and everyone in between.

But her special superpower? Reinventing the wheel: Just ask her about “product cocktailing” or “next-level gel nails.” Dana Wood knows her stuff and uses it to spin copy gold.
— Lauren Ianotti, Executive Editor

Deep research. Distinct voice.

Those are just two good reasons Dana does such a damn good job telling stories. I know this because I’ve been Dana’s colleague and fan since her tenure as Beauty Director at W Magazine.

Recently, Dana and I worked together on the website overhaul I spearheaded for Jake’s, the famously funky, family-run resort in Jamaica. The moving parts to this story could have proven overwhelming - family lore, a classic Jamaican film, renowned literary festival, organic farming and sports tourism - but Dana handled it like the pro she is, conducting thoughtful interviews and weaving together the many disparate strands of the story.

To make our deadline, this story had to be done fast and it had to be done right. Dana delivered it all, and with the kind of editorial style that brings out the best in a brand.
— Lisa Gabor (InStyle, Departures, Island Outpost, Archetypes.com, Skagen)

I brought Dana in-house to work on three of our special beauty issues. Not only was she a dedicated, reliable member of my temporary team, she has great reporting skills and is an accomplished writer.
— Amy Synnott, Executive Editor

Working with Dana is having a trusted partner to problem-solve, craft, articulate and enhance the brand’s trademark. Her work is witty, charming, highly creative and versatile. She is a quick study, focused and delivers what you need, when you need it. I highly recommend Dana’s writing and conceptual skills.
— Mona Monaghan-Kelliher, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

I served as deputy editor of ASME award-winning Glamour magazine for 10 years. Glamour is one of the pinnacle publications at Conde Nast, arguably one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the world. The writers who make it into the magazine’s pages are the best in their field and must meet extremely high expectations and graciously work through a grueling editing process.

Dana was part of a very small handful of writers I could always depend upon to deliver. To work with Dana is to be able to trust that this is a writer who will conduct meticulous research of the topic at-hand and to interview the subject; who will consider the voice of the publication for which she is writing; who thinks carefully about what she can bring to the story that has not been discussed | covered before; who is respectful of the editing process, which can sometimes be tedious, overly time-consuming and difficult; who - shocker! - does something as fundamental as meet a deadline, without fail.

But most important, Dana is a writer who makes a point of creating a point of view and an approach to a story that will delight, inform and surprise the reader, and who always brings a responsible, detailed, collaborative and incredibly energetic attitude to the work in which she engages.

In the end, I’d like to turn the table on this testimonial: Consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to work with this talented professional.
— Maryellen Gordon, founder, Stable of Content